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Logo of The Merritt Group, LLC: A gate symbolizing boundaries and new opportunities.

The Merritt Group

Driving Social Change Through Strategic Consulting and Collaborative Solutions

Two women passionately collaborating, their heads close together, brainstorming ideas and working hand in hand to bring their project to life. Their expressions radiate determination and teamwork, reflecting the power of collaboration in achieving shared goals


The Merritt Group, LLC is a women-owned, boutique consulting practice with experience in nonprofit management, strategic planning, resource development, advocacy, and program design. We partner with mission-driven clients to help fuel their growth, increase their impact, build equitable policies and practices, and advance meaningful social change.



A woman speaking confidently at a seminar podium, sharing insights and expertise.

Facilitation & Training

A diverse group of professionals engaged in a productive business meeting, exchanging ideas and collaborating

Fundraising, Development & Board Governance 

A black woman and a white woman engaged in a focused and inclusive business discussion, fostering diversity and collaboration

Interim Capacity

Business professionals engaged in a productive and dynamic meeting, strategizing and discussing ideas for success.


A woman of color confidently strategizing and brainstorming ideas on a clear board, showcasing leadership and vision.

Organizational Strategy & Strategic Planning

Diverse team of professionals collaborating at a desk, engaged in Program Design & Management.

Program Design & Management

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